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Jacob Elordi name-dropped a surprising Hollywood star who is a fan of Euphoria.

While making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, the actor revealed a big name who once approached him in a club gushing about the hit HBO show.

“The biggest one is Leonardo DiCaprio. Which sounds like a crazy name drop. And it is a crazy name drop,” he said. “He came up to me in a club one time when I was sort of much younger… and he’s like, ‘The shot in the first season, you know the shot where you came in.”

“And it’s him and I in the middle of this club talking about camera angles,” Elordi recalled of the interaction. He described DiCaprio as “the G.O.A.T.” of acting.

When Fallon asked whether Elordi knew when Euphoria was going to start filming again, the actor was quick to quip, “I don’t know. Do you know?” (HBO and Max chief Casey Bloys has revealed that the third season of the Emmy-winning series won’t return until 2025, delayed from the writers and actors strikes.)

Elordi added that he hopes it’s soon or else “they’re going to have to Benjamin Button me,” given their characters are in high school. “I’m going to have a bad back walking down the hallway.”

“I’m assuming that we’ll have to go forward. Otherwise, it’s going to seem like a weird bit,” he explained.

When Euphoria returns in 2025, the show will have been off the air for more than three years, which is why a time jump would make sense. When recently asked by THR if the third season could be its last, the HBO and Max chief acknowledged the movie-star power among the ensemble, like Elordi along with Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, and said, “But that will be up to Lexy Perez Sam Levinson.”

The second season finale also ended on a major cliffhanger involving the character of Fez, played by Angus Cloud. Cloud passed away suddenly after filming, in J 2023. Levinson was writing the already renewed third season before the May 2 writers strike was called, THR reported; it remains unclear what the creator had planned for Cloud’s storyline.

Also during his visit to Fallon, Elordi addressed Saltburn‘s now-viral bathtub scene, which has resulted in the selling of Elordi’s bathwater candles.

“I want to know who’s making the money,” he told Fallon. When Fallon offered a candle for Elordi to smell and give his opinion on, the actor began jokingly slurping the candle to reenact the scene.

“It smells like a washing room. Like detergent,” he said.


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