Julia Fox Wants to Go to Space in 2024, Tells Jeff Bezos to Call Her – The Hollywood Reporter contentnexus4u


Julia Fox stopped by The Hollywood Reporter‘s studio during the Sundance Film Festival on Friday with her Presence co-stars Lucy Liu, Chris Sullivan, Callina Lang, Eddy Maday and West Mulholland. When asked what the cast is looking forward to accomplishing in 2024, Fox gave a surprising answer: “Go to outer space.” 

“Wow, crazy!” remarked Mulholland. Fox then clarified, “Maybe not this year. I’m planting the seed. I’m putting it out in the universe. I’d like to go.” Sullivan supported her decision, noting, “You have to put it out. Who knows what could happen? Someone could put you on a spaceship!” 

Fox then shared a message for a certain billionaire who took William Shatner as a guest on his Blue Origin space flight in 2021. “Someone could watch this, Jeff Bezos,” she said while making a phone call hand gesture. 

Liu then asked Fox if she preferred to go to space with Richard Branson — who owns spaceflight company Virgin Galactic — or Bezos. Fox confirmed she had no preference, as long as it was a billionaire ready to take her on the trip. But as much as she’s a daredevil, there’s one unconventional form of travel the Presence star refuses to take: “No submarines, though.” 

Watch the Presence cast’s interview in the video above.


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